Frozen Grapes Champagne Flutes

Let's be real. Even if we are committed to being healthy, we want to have fun and celebrate the holidays. The key to maintaining weight loss is creating ways to engage in the party without feeling as if you’re sacrificing. This drink allows you to do just that. The grapes come in handy to keep your drink cold, and they provide an incentive to sip slowly and keep some champagne in your glass, since they soak up the champagne’s flavor and become a fun treat themselves.

12 frozen seedless grapes (any variety)
⅓ C chilled Prosecco or Champagne
1 cocktail stick
Add the grapes to a ¾-cup (6-ounce) champagne flute. Top with Prosecco or Champagne. Serve immediately. Use the cocktail stick to spear any grapes that remain in the bottom of the glass. Makes one serving.

Per serving: 94 calories; trace protein; 12 g carbohydrates (9 g sugar); trace fat; trace saturated fat; 0 mg cholesterol; < 1 g fiber; 1 mg sodium.